SPAM – Not just annoying, but dangerous and expensive!

For everyone today, spam is a big problem. Sorting through all the junk in your Inbox can really be a pain, and sometimes, legitimate mail is accidentally deleted.

How much time do you and your staff waste each day sorting through spam? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Half an hour?

That wasted time can easily add up to a loss of thousands of dollars each year! And Lord, is it annoying.

Spam can also harbor links to sites that contain malware and attachments that contain viruses. Just having spam enter your network puts your business at risk.

And all that extra email traffic eats up your bandwidth, slowing down internet speeds.

Who needs it? Not your business! Get Total Control of your mail with FWN Consult-IT’s Total Control Spam Filtering Solution!

With FWN Consult-IT’s Total Control Spam Filtering Solution, mail is filtered outside your network, increasing your bandwidth and security. You receive a report of the email that was quarantined, and you can log into your spam filter portal at any time to check the filtered mail.

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